I have been photographing Boudoir, Portrait and Glamour sessions since 2007 and it’s so fun to watch different trends to come and go. Boudoir has been the most requested by far but there is a new trend on the rise… Fantasy Photoshoots.

It’s not as conservative as portrait but not as revealing as boudoir, it’s something in between. For those who are not comfortable posing in lingerie but want something edgy yet elegant. Your imagination is the limit, you can be anyone you want for a day. Rent or borrow an extravagant gown to capture your inner (and outer) sexy goddess; wear a tulle skirt for a romantic ballet look (I’m thinning “Black Swan”); bring a masquerade mask to play a part of a femme fatale a la “Eyes Wide Shut”, etc…

Fedali Photography now offers wardrobe options to recreate some looks you see on the website. There is a lot more to come, so check back for more soon.



Email me to hear more about creating a unique look for your photoshoot. oksana@fedali.com




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