Recently I had the pleasure of working with a PinnerTest company. It’s a home test that lets you find out if you are intolerant to any foods. Unlike allergies, food intolerance are not obvious and most people do not realize they are sensitive to certain foods. However, these intolerances can cause inflammation in your stomach and make you feel tired and sick. You can get more info on their website

I have used this test myself and found out that I am highly intolarant to grapes! Who would every think that?! It used to be one my favorite snacks! But avoiding it, and a few other foods I am intolerant to, made me feel so much better! If you want to find out about any food sensitivities you may have, I highly recommend this test.  Make sure to use code FEDALI to get a $50 discount.

Here are a few shots I took for the company.


Do you know which foods are making you sick?


Which things on your plate make you tired?


It could be even the healthiest foods!




I also had my kids take the test as well. It’s nice to know what food may make them tired or irritable. Don’t forget to get a discount when you order Code: Oksana1


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