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A Product Photoshoot for Pinnertest


Recently I had the pleasure of working with a PinnerTest company. It’s a home test that lets you find out if you are intolerant to any foods. Unlike allergies, food intolerance are not obvious and most people do not realize they are sensitive to certain foods. However, these intolerances can cause inflammation in your stomach and make you feel tired and sick. You can get more info on their website

I have used this test myself and found out that I am highly intolarant to grapes! Who would every think that?! It used to be one my favorite snacks! But avoiding it, and a few other foods I am intolerant to, made me feel so much better! If you want to find out about any food sensitivities you may have, I highly recommend this test.  Make sure to use code FEDALI to get a $50 discount.

Here are a few shots I took for the company.


Do you know which foods are making you sick?


Which things on your plate make you tired?


It could be even the healthiest foods!




I also had my kids take the test as well. It’s nice to know what food may make them tired or irritable. Don’t forget to get a discount when you order Code: Oksana1


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Avocado Toast


I have been shooting a lot of recipes lately and working with many talented food bloggers and wellness coaches. Inevitably (and happily) I’ve been picking up many healthy recipes along the way. So I decided to share some of these along with my photography.

The avocado toasts have become very popular recently. They are such a great & healthy way to eat a quick nutritious lunch without much effort. Avocado toasts could be very versatile, depending on the bread and toppings you use.

This simple one is made with rye bread, which is high in fiber and many other nutrients.


– 1 avocado

– 1 slice of rye bread (or any other bread you like)

– 1 radish (sliced thin)

– olive oil

– salt to taste


While your bread is toasting in the toaster, mash the avocado to spreadable consistency adding salt as you mash. Spread on the bread and top with radish. Add a few peas and sprinkle with olive oil.


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New York Event Photography- Be Well Potluck Party


Being a photographer in NYC is a lot of fun. I get to meet so many interesting people and get invited to fun & interesting events. One such event was a Healthy Potluck Party hosted by Arielle from Be Well With Arielle. It was a gathering of the finest NYC food bloggers, yoga instructors, health & wellness coaches and other female professionals in health industry.


Arielle hosts amazing events where everyone feels welcomed and you can easily make new friendships and grow your business opportunities. Not only this event was fun but it was also very informative, I have learned so much about new business and opportunities from all the talented ladies that have attended this event.


It was held at a beautiful & trendy organic mattress store Coco Mat . Equipped with a full kitchen it was a fun & comfy backdrop to this healthy networking event.


Not only I got to got home with a belly full of healthy & delicious food but also recipes to take home with me!















If you are interested in attending on of these even check Arielle’s website for more info

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Easy & Healthy Pancake Recipe


Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. And since it’s the most important one, I am always looking for healthier versions of my favorite dishes. Pancakes is one of them and I have never been a fan of precessed, prepackaged varieties.

This recipe calls for only a few fresh ingredients, is super easy to make and has been my family & friends’ favorite ever since I started making it.




  • 1 cup flour organic (I use white or whole wheat depending on what I have in the house)
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 cup kefir (Kefir is a liquid yogurt that could be found near yogurt in most supermarkets)
  • 1 large organic egg
  • maple syrup


  1. In a large bowl, whisk dry ingredients together.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk dry ingredients together.
  3. Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir together
  4. Bake on a griddle until golden brown flipping once.

Enjoy with fresh organic fruit and maple syrup.

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NY Food Photography & Food Styling


While portrait, glamor & boudoir photography have been my main focus since 2007, food and lifestyle photography had always been my hobbies. But since I started to share my food & lifestyle images on instagram, I was pleasantly surprised by how much positive attention these images have received.

Since I have been getting many requests for food & lifestyle images, I have decided to expand my portfolio and offer these services to bloggers of all kind. Food bloggers, fashion, bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, mommy blogger, etc. If you need images for your social media, new website or blog, send me an email & we can customize a package for you.

Here are a few food photography images.




caprese salad








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