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I am having the best time helping my niece choose her graduation invitations and thank you cards! It feels like yesterday I was babysitting her and now she is graduating from high school, how time flies. I am glad she asked me for my help with this as I got to discover this amazing stationery website! has tons of options to choose from.

From wedding to graduation or any other life event, they have the most elegant designs where you can choose from an almost unlimited array of colors. Unlike other companies, where you choose a color for your design, Basic Invites lets you customize each element of the design making it uniquely yours.

What’s even more exciting is that you can get a printed custom sample so you can see what it will look like (and feel like) in real life. I highly recommend this feature since, not so long ago, I ordered birthday cards for my son’s party without seeing the sample and they came out super thin and not at all what I expected, quality-wise. From now on I will always allow time to check out the sample.

Another unique feature is they have 40 different color envelopes, which are peel and seal so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed. I just wish I had this when I was getting married.

One more thing that I really like about Basic Invite is that you can use this service as a free addresses collection. You can request your addresses with just three simple steps. Share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing.

So easy and simple for a great price, yet you get invitations and thank you cards that look like they have been done with professional designers and paid a lot of money for.


Check the graduation cards here:
Picture Graduation Announcements
Customizable Graduation Invitations 

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NY Blogger Photography


One of the favorite parts of my job is meeting and working with new people. In the past few months I have been working with many fashion & lifestyle bloggers. Corine is one of my recent awesome clients from New Jersey. She is a busy mom of 3, who is super stylish with a great blog. You can check it out here Complicated Mama.








Thanks for reading!

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What to wear to a boudoir photo session



So you have finally decided to go for it and booked your boudoir photoshoot and the next thought that is going to go through your head is “What am I going to wear? “. Educating my clients on what do bring to their shoot is one is the most essential parts to getting great images.

Some lingerie items may seem beautiful in person but not photograph very well. To make it a little easier for you I have put together a list of things that work well for a boudoir shoot. Keeping in mind different body types.

First thing I suggest to my clients is to bring a dress. Yes, a dress. Most people feel very nervous at first and I like to start them off with something they feel comfortable, sexy and confident. After a few poses, as soon the client is more relaxed & is getting used to me and my camera (and all my corny jokes), we move on to lingerie.

But just because we start with a dress, it doesn’t mean the images are not sexy. Here are some examples, with links of where to get them, of dresses that would photograph well.

Little Black Dress


Litte Black Dress for Boudoir Photography

A bonus to starting with a dress is that you will get a few images that you can actually frame and show off in your living room. Not just for “His Eyes Only”.

Sequin Dress

The important thing to keep in mind here is the fit! Noting too loose, it makes people look heavier than they are. Keep the fit to just enough to hug your body. Another great option is a Sequin Dress.


Sequin Glitter Bodycon Stretchy Dress for Boudoir

Pop of Color

If sequin is not your thing, Little Black Dress doesn’t have to be your only option. Bring a dress that compliments your completion but stay away from large prints, it may look too busy and take away from the real star YOU.


Red Dress for a Boudoir Photoshoot


Pink Dress for Boudoir Photoshoot


Sexy Blue Dress for Boudoir Photoshoot


Another important piece to bring is a corset. It is universally flattering as long as you have the right fit. It pretty much sucks in the midsection that many women are so self conscious about, and at the same time it gives a lift in the areas where it’s needed. It creates a beautiful silhouette and is very photogenic. Don’t forget to bring a pair of Thigh Highs to go along with your corset.

Velvet Kitten Teal Satin & Lace Corset Set

Red Corset for Boudoir Photoshoot

Bridal Bustier Lingerie Set for Bridal Boudoir

And don’t forget to bring tight highs that match your Lingerie set.

Lace Top Thigh High

Red Lace Top Thigh High for Boudoir Photoshoot

Cami & Panty Sets and Chemies

Another universally flattering options for most women are cami & panty set and chemise

Chemise and G-string Set

Sexy Lingerie Set: Top + Garter Belt + G-string + Stockings


Sexy Cami Lingerie Set for Boudoir Photoshoot

Bra & Panties Sets

Bra & panties Sets also a wonderful addition to your boudoir session. These come in so many fun colors textures and designs.



3 Piece Bra Set, Red


Gift-for-a-guy-valentines-day                   Frederick’s Red Lingerie                      Breathtaking Lace Balconette Bra

 Beautiful Full-Figure Two-Piece Lingerie

gorgeous-full-figured-womenBoy Shorts

For those cute tushie-shots

cute-boy-shortsFrederick’s Boy Shorts (link)


Don’t forget to bring shoes. You don’t need to bring all the shoes you own, two or three pairs will be enough. One in nude, because they go with pretty much any outfit as well as elongate your legs! Another color to bring is black, they will work well with your high-thighs. You are always welcome to bring more, for a pop of color or to match your outfit.

Best-shoes-for-boudoir-photoshoot               Steve Madden Daalton                                          Steve Madden Newbee


Anything goes with boudoir. Imagination is the limit. Jeans can look very sexy and can definitely be an option for your session.

Sexy-jeansJordache Jeans

 Leather biker jacket

A leather biker jacket can add a nice edge to your images as well.


I have made a post about these previously. Here is a link

biker_jacket_black, what to weat to a boudoir photoshoot

These are some main staples that work work well for a boudoir photoshoot. But you don’t have to limit yourselves to them. Talk to your photographer about any other themes or ideas you may have. I often customize my shoots with props that clients bring. Such as his fireman outfit, his tie, his favorite jersey, etc…

Happy shopping & have a fabulous photoshoot!

With love,





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Beauty & Elegance

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Best nailpolish for photoshoots

best nude nailpolish

While preparing for your boudoir, portrait or wedding photoshoot do not forget your nails! They should be manicured and not too long. Best nail colors are neutrals, do not be tempted to use a trendy color. You want your photos to look timeless and elegant. Bright nail colors will compete for attention in your image and take it away from more important things, like your eyes or a beautiful smile. Neutral nail colors will also go with all of your outfit options, here are a few of my favorites from OPI.

best nude nailpolish, opi nail polish, prep for a photoshoot











  • Hearts & Tarts – OPI NL H20
  • It’s a Girl! – OPI NL H39
  • Altar Ego – OPI NL S78
  • Mimosas for Mr.&Mrs. – OPI NL R41
  • Hoplessly in Love – OPI NL S81
  • Rosy Future – OPI NL S79
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What to wear to a boudoir photoshoot


A boudoir photoshoot may mean different things to different people. Some like a “Victoria’s Secret look”, while others tend to go for a more edgy leather-boots-and-biker-jacket type of an image. Either one can be accomplished in a classy, tasteful way. Check out part of the boudoir wardrobe my client brought for today’s photoshoot. It’s so fresh and playful. So girly with pretty colors, fun prints and lots of jewelry to compliment the looks.


Do you need more boudoir wardrobe ideas? Check out my other posts:

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Boudoir Outfit Ideas – Black Biker Jackets

biker_jacket_black, what to weat to a boudoir photoshoot

For those of you who are looking for a little edgier look to your boudoir photos pack your biker jacket. You can add a lace bra underneath or just have the jacket cover certain part for the little peek-a-boo effect.

Here are a few of my personal picks

biker_jacket_black, what to weat to a boudoir photoshoot

  1. Bardot Biker Jacket$125 (120 AUD) –
  2. TOPSHOP Collarless Biker Jacket $104 –
  3. Miss Selfridge Petites Biker Stitch Jacket $74 –
  4. AllSaints Cropped Riley Biker Jacket $498 –
  5. Miss Selfridge Authentic Black Leather Jacket $265 –
  6. Biker Jacket Black $1,000 –
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